Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pauline, Paper Playmates, 1937

Diane McBurnett had old newspaper cut-outs such as this for sale.


  1. This one is so beautiful. I adore that dress and short set. Thanks for sharing. I love your site.

  2. These were the kind of paper dolls that were in the "funny papers" when I was a little girl of nine in 1937. Didn't have a lot of toys like the kids do today, and paper dolls were a passion clear up until I was 12 or 13. At that age, my friend, Fern, and I would draw around the dolls and then design and color clothes for them. Would love to see what we did way back then - I can remember so vividly doing it but not the actual product. Hours of fun! Carol

  3. I think if I get it when I was kid, I would cut it out ..and play with them.