Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Convention 2010: Dress-A-Doll

Gregg Nystrom's lovely Betty Grable is the Dress-a-Doll for the convention. Design a costume for Betty, print your name on the back (or on an extra long tab) and return it to Anne Donze (her address is in your registration packet). All costumes will be displayed at the convention. A raffle will be held for the doll and all the costumes, but only those who have designed a costume will have their names entered in the raffle.

UPDATE: You can also bring your costume to the convention, but make sure you get it to Anne Donze as soon as you get there, so she can arrange the display board properly. 

Here's Betty Grable in the movie Coney Island (1943), with a stunning gown. Perfect to copy and embellish with feathers and sequins.

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