Thursday, June 10, 2010

Convention 2010: Raffles

Raffles are an important part of every convention, helping to underwrite the cost of the convention itself. Organizers depend on collectors donating items that inspire a frenzy of ticket buying, like this Fashion Dressing Doll from the Crossley collection surely would. But it doesn't have to be this old and rare. It could be a Merrill paper doll book,  a Brenda Starr comic strip paper doll, or a handmade paper doll -- these are all items that I've seen on the raffle table over the years. Many people who are unable to attend the convention donate raffle items, a wonderful gesture that helps keep these grand parties going.

If you're attending the convention, you can just bring the donation(s) with you and make sure Lori Lawson or Sondra Leeds gets it.

If you're not attending, but would like to donate, mail them to Sondra Leeds, 2122 W. Minnesota Street, Indianapolis, IN 46221. Include your name, contact information and description of item(s)

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