Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Convention 2010: Dress Up Night

UPDATE: Be sure to visit Marge Schaffer's blog for many rare and wonderful comic strip paper dolls.
And be sure to click image above to see detail.

For those of you who might be new to the site: The International Paper Doll Convention will be July 1-4 in Kansas City, Mo. Click on the link to the left for more information. I've been running updates for those who are attending. Hope this piques your interest for attending future conventions!

Dressing Up
Dress is casual at convention but one night is usually reserved for a themed dress-up party.
Saturday, July 3 is that night this year, and the theme is "Paper Doll Ladies and Gents of the Comics." Your inspiration can come from a comic strip or comic book: Boots, Jane Arden, Brenda Starr, Winnie Winkle, Tillie the Toiler or Archie, Betty and Veronica--and dozens of other possibilities. If only I could find a frock as fetching as Fashion Fanny's (try saying that three times!), I'd be set...  

Above: "Fashion Fanny and Her Friends/ The Paper Doll that Sets the Styles," drawn by Winifred Goodsell, appeared in the Detroit Free Press in the 1920s.

Fashion Fanny is part of the Virginia Crossley Paper Doll Collection which is being auctioned by Theriaults on June 21. Click here for more information.

Here are some other comic strip dolls from my collection that I've featured in the past:


  1. I so love seeing those old paper dolls. Have never seen Maggie as a doll....she's adorable. What fun it was finding new ones in the"funnies". What fun you must have at your convention and what a great place to have it. The Kansas City area was home for 13 years and, except for the storms and the awful heat, it's a great place. Carol

  2. How wonderful the clothes for Fashion Fanny are! I have never seen here before. I hope you will post pictures of the dress up night at your convention.

  3. Yes! It's always a fun night to see everyone's costume.