Sunday, October 17, 2010

Columbus Circle, N.Y.C., c. 1920s

The entrance to Central Park that I was most familiar with as a child, approached by walking up 60th Street from Amsterdam Houses on the far west side.  The traffic circle has been modified a few times since this picture. It's still a busy intersection, but much easier to navigate for drivers and pedestrians, I think. 

So glad I found some streetcars! I've enjoyed The Daily Postcard's Streetcar Sunday for a while and I'm happy to link to the fascinating post there today.  


  1. Thank you, Linda! It's fun to look at these old postcards with streetcars and traffic. I love how the cars seemed to be parked randomly, without marked spaces. And, it looks like whoever tinted the card decided that streetcar tracks were unsightly and eliminated them.

  2. Phantom tracks! Pretty strange.