Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crowning the Axis, c. 1942

How cool is that, a little checkerboard tucked in a greeting card? Yes, Tojo, Adolph and Benny get their butts kicked once again. Aren't we glad they did? Guessing on the date, although could be later, if all I have to go on is the deeper bucket helmet on the soldier. This is the only card that had a mark on the back: J.S. Pub., N.Y. 


  1. Wow, you have another one of these! The checkerboard is great too. It's always amusing to look at the WWII caricatures, especially how we portrayed Tojo with buckteeth and very slanty eyes. Not so acceptable these days.

  2. Great finds, Linda. I love WWII antiaxis propaganda. You might want to look for postcards, too. There are some fun ones out there.


  3. I collect vintage greeting cards. I used to buy them on ebay, but have too many now. I save the old ones, and cut up the others. I have a handful of military ww2 cards and they are my favorites. Thanks for sharing these.