Saturday, December 11, 2010

David's Convention Tidbits #3

The latest news from David Wolfe on the 2011 Paper Doll Convention:

Silent Auction for Connoisseur Collectors
For paper doll enthusiasts who are also serious collectors of original artwork and vintage treasures, the 2011 Convention will offer an exciting opportunity to add to their collections.  A new feature, a “Silent Auction” will be held.  Included in the exclusive array of items will be a few highly coveted vintage paper doll books and very special original artwork donated by some of the most popular artists creating paper dolls today.  Such works of art are truly priceless but they will be sold to the highest bidder.  Headed by Karl Beason, the Silent Auction items will be on display for a limited time during the Convention.  Each item will be accompanied by a “bidding sheet” and each bidder will be assigned a secret number assuring anonymity.  The bidder may then write his or her bid (identified only by the number, not their name).  Bidders can top up/raise their bids as often as they like.

Protecting Your Paper Doll Treasures
Paper dolls are fragile treasures and the care of a valuable collection is a vital concern.  How to keep the ravages of time from gradually destroying irreplaceable paper dolls?  Expert conservator Sarah Perlot knows how and she will be sharing her wealth of knowledge at the 2011 Convention. She will present a seminar explaining how the proper care and concern can keep paper dolls in prime condition over the years. 

And the winner of this year’s Fanny Gray Award is…..?
It’s a secret.  Every year the coveted Fanny Gray Award is bestowed upon a member (or several members) of the paper doll community.  It is named after the venerable antique paper doll and presented to someone whose contribution to the perpetuation of paper doll passion and service to the community is deemed worthy of recognition.  The Award itself will be created by Kwei-Lin Lum, the talented artist whose originality and creativity assure that the Award will be quite unique. This year’s winner (or winners) will be announced and celebrated at the banquet to be held on Saturday evening, August 20th during the 2011 Paper Doll Convention in Philadelphia at the Embassy Suites Airport Hotel.

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