Tuesday, December 7, 2010

World War II posters

This is so far from the Norman Rockwell images I associate with the WWII era: dark and brooding, but fearless and determined, too. 

I love this FDR quote, new to me. Back when everyone shared in the sacrifice of war, and no one expected an easy victory. It was a grown-up world back then.

These two look like they walked over from the cover of a paper doll book. Sweet as can be.

All of these images are from Northwestern University's excellent digital library of World War II posters; click here to see more.


  1. Those are cool World War 2 posters... I'd love to print one those.

  2. Thanks for showing these. I am very taken with hard-hitting propaganda. The website was an excellent resource. I remember about 20 or so years ago, these items were mostly reasonbly priced, often less than $50 apiece. Some of them have gone up a lot since then. Kwei-lin