Sunday, December 12, 2010

Streetcars, 34th St., N.Y.C., c. 1890s

Here's the second sepia photo of a New York City street scene with streetcars (click to view larger image). Last Sunday it was 23rd St.

Today's photo is an older and darker print; the main purpose as you can see from the drawing in the top right corner was to sell billboard advertising. The photo looks north from Broadway, and off in the distance you can see the old New York Times building (with flag hand-drawn on a mast) and beyond that the distinctive roof of the Hotel Astor can be discerned, although the picture fades out even more at that point.   

Check out The Daily Postcard's Streetcar Sunday post today for a beautiful black and white shot of streetcars in Brisbane Australia.


  1. Linda, this is a beauty. It must have been quite an experience to travel on the streets during the time when there was both motorized and horse-drawn transportation and lots of pedestrians, and seemingly no designated lanes.

  2. Imagine running across Broadway in a long skirt, dodging all that traffic AND horse manure!