Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More from the Crossley catalog

 Online bidding has begun at Theriault's. Bid here.(Link fixed)

Some rare Sunday supplement sheets.


  1. Hi, I follow your blog and love it.
    I have two wonderful papers that I think you would love to see.
    I am brazilian, my greatgrandfather was italian. When my granny got married (she was born in 1900) the party was huge. I have the menu of the party and the " ball card" A little book with pencil with the name of the musics the orchestra would play (the ladies received the card and hid them in the neck cut and, when a lad came to ask if she would like to dance,for instance, the waltz, she would write the name of the lad down)
    if you like , i scan it for you. Write me .

  2. Dear papercollector,

    Love your paperdolls!
    Collect them as well.
    Have on my ste 3 special digital reconstructed paperdolls..........
    You can use them on your blog if you want............


  3. OH my, look at the multi head doll! I have never seen one of those!

    I LOVE the patty, sally betty etc dolls. So sweet.

    I have that paper doll sheet music!! :-)