Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More on Siberia by Dale Messick

A message from Nancy Goldstein:

"I've followed black paper dolls somewhat because of my work on cartoonist Jackie Ormes and her Torchy newspaper cut outs.

Her are a few details about Siberia who was indeed part of the comic strip story:

Siberia first appeared in the comic strip Brenda Starr, Reporter on Sunday, May 31, 1942. Her role was as maid for the heiress Daphne Dimples, an apprentice and something of a rival to reporter Brenda. Daphne was selfish and ornery and Siberia put up with a lot! The few pds I've seen show Siberia in beautiful clothes--as well as the obligatory maid's outfit. So we can give cartoonist and creator Dale Messick snaps for creating a beautiful and smart African American woman in the comics, quite a contrast to the usual derogatory stereotypes.

"Siberia had a boyfriend, Dusty Rose. These attractive black characters and their paper dolls possibly helped inspire cartoonist Jackie Ormes to create Torchy's Togs, the paper doll topper for Torchy in Heartbeats, a 1950-54 adventure strip starring Torchy, another beautiful and clever black woman. More about Torchy is on my web site:

Two paper dolls from the early 1940s are attached.

I hope others will send you their color Siberia pds. What we see in digital research archives is B & W, and often (I am guessing) they did not bother to scan or microfilm the pds.


Thank you Nancy! And I have other cut Siberias to share here, will scan in this weekend.

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  1. These are wonderful paper dolls. I'm looking forward to seeing more!