Sunday, September 18, 2011

Frankfurt, 1930

 I miss Streetcar Sundays! I'll post as many as I can find. Always great to have a mission when rifling through postcard boxes. A tip of the hat to The Daily Postcard.

Afterglow Ave.! Sweet. The message is in German,  all I can make out is "Mein" and a couple of exclamation points.


  1. Oh, I have been thinking I should re-instate streetcar Sundays...or maybe Tram Tuesdays, so I can still take the weekend off.

  2. I tried to translate, but that old German script is so darn difficult. It's like trying to read Morse Code. It does seem to be either a love letter or a letter from someone who misses the recipient very much. The odd thing is that it's being sent to a young woman (Miss), but is clearly addressed to a man in the salutation. One of the sentences says "I need you in all your magic and love." Did you notice it's addressed to someone who lived at 43 Afterglow Avenue. What a wonderful street address!