Thursday, September 22, 2011

Verde Antiques and Rare Books

What to do at the Jersey shore when it's raining? Antique stores, of course. Verde Antiques and Rare Books in Manahawkin was a lucky find. Ginny and Ray, the owners were wonderful, and their store is neat as a pin. Be sure to visit the web site for more samples of their wares.

Not everything is posted on their website, so don't be fooled. This is a deep and broad collection.  Old toys, children's books, boxes of postcards, photos, comic books and binders of fascinating magazine art, ads, and illustrations. A binder of Valentines included letters from the early 19th century.

Rob and I spent the better part of today going through the binders of ephemera, and even found a few interesting paper dolls. I'll scan my purchases in over the weekend. For now, a look around their store.

A lovely Arranbee doll.

Is there any celebrity more identified with a doll than Shirley Temple? Decades after her last film as a child actress, her dolls are still highly collectible. Seeing a Shirley Temple doll anywhere is like bumping into an old friend.

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  1. Thanks for the link to that site. I like their postcards!