Friday, September 23, 2011

Patti PlayPal, c. 1962

This Patti PlayPal isn't as nice as the one I saw in Genoa, Il., in 2009, but she has all the charm of a well-loved and well-played with doll. Verde Antiques.


  1. No that carrot topped one was really stunning. This one just her do combed out to look pretty again.

  2. My older sister used to have a Patti PlayPal. When we got older and no longer played with dolls, my mom would take her and dress her in real clothes and display her in our living room in front of the plate glass window. I remember coming home from school and wondering who the little girl was staring out the window, only to discover that it was the doll and Mom had changed her clothing. They just don't make dolls like her these days. If it wasn't so expensive to buy a Patty PayPal I would purchase one just for the fond memories I have of my Mom (who has since passed away) and her dressing that doll and displaying her in the window.

  3. That is so wonderful, your mom took delight in Patti PlayPal, too. What a lovely memory to have.