Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, c. 1910

A wonderfully busy commercial street. P & P Campbell Dyers and Cleaners, a dentist, and "New etchings by Cameron." A wild guess on the date. No bustle on the skirts, so I'm guessing 1910 or thereabouts. The clarity of the photo is quite nice: distinct cobblestone street, and the circular stairway on the streetcar, window lintels, shadows defining the cut of long skirts...

The card was never mailed, no stamp affixed, but was addressed to Nurse B. Donaldson at 250 Beufrerres (?) St.

"Printed at the works in Germany."

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  1. What a great scene. I love it when there are lots of people on the streets and visible shop signs. With a streetcar too! it just doesn't get any better.