Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paper Doll mysteries solved

Paper doll collectors from New York, Canada and Australia all helped identify these paper dolls from the collection of Cher Lewis' mom, by emailing me or leaving comments on this blog. I've cross-referenced with my own guide books to get extra info.

Janice Belcher in Ottawa, Canada, identified the boy and girl above as part of Emma McKean's "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" Saalfield #2485, 1945. Page 35 of Mary Young's guide to Saalfield, Lowe and Merrill (yellow cover).

Carol Carey identified this as "Mother and Daughter Dresses" by Dot and Peg Productions, 1943. Mary Young's book of 20th-century paper dolls has an excellent picture of an uncut set. It's subtitled "Made from paper cloth and designs for Peggy and Mother"(page 95).

Carol also identified the four dolls above as the "Seven and Seventeen" set by Merrill, #3441, 1945. Page 148 in Mary Young's yellow guide.

Sally from Australia identified the man and baby as belonging to "Family of Paper Dolls" by Saalfield (#2564), 1947, later redone as "Mother, Dad and Us Kids." Can be seen on page 49 of Mary Young's yellow guide.

The two dolls above are from "Betty Grable Cut-Out Dolls," published by Whitman in 1946 (#962), and can be found on page 104 of Jean Woodcock's excellent guide, "Paper Dolls of Famous Faces." 

Thank you everyone for your help!


  1. Hi Linda, I believe the little blonde girl holding the doll is Emma's "Rock-a-Bye-Baby (Saalfield #2485, 1945)". Jan Belcher (Ottawa, Canada)

  2. The gentleman with his hands on
    his hips and the baby with the
    rattle come from the set called
    Family of Paper Dolls. It was
    later redone by Saalfield as
    Mother, Dad and us kids.
    Unfortunately I cannot make out
    the dates on the covers that
    I have on the computer.

    Sally (Australia)