Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nan C. Moorehead Sales List Update

UPDATE: A new list will be coming in June 2014. Meanwhile, Nan wanted to update and correct some typos in the list that I posted here in April:

This is a brief two-page update to the Jan. 2014 list; Nan hopes to have a new selection of vintage paper dolls to sell soon. Special on this list: original artwork by Sandy Vanderpool. 

Nan is also selling a few back issues of Golden Opportunities, must-haves for the serious collector of vintage and antique paper dolls. 

Above, featured on the back cover of issue #64 of G.O., a New Yorker cover from June 16, 1945. It's one of my favorites, all about the dawn of the post-war era. The New Yorker cover is also for sale for $15.

Don't forget: call Nan first before mailing your check to make sure the item is available.

Nan C. Moorehead, 523 Maple St., #204, Edmonds, WA 98020. Phone: (425) 778-1324

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