Monday, April 21, 2014

Paperdoll Review Issue 58

Another terrific issue! I just received my copy in the mail, and look forward to savoring articles about art deco (Judy Johnson & Marilyn Henry), stewardess paper dolls (Jane Alfano Rasor), and that weird Deerfield paper doll set that commemorates an 18th century Indian massacre (Tamara Gerard). I found the Deerfield set at the last convention, so I'm eager to learn more. And Faye Phillips has an article on the crepe paper magic of Martha Davis! Martha's creations are very much in demand, and sell out quickly.

One article could not wait: I devoured every word of David Wolfe on Doris Day, and his Behind the Scenes column about his Paper Studio Press paper dolls of the sunny star. Day, who just turned 90, sounds as delightful as her screen persona.  David had a second Day paper doll book published to coincide with her birthday this month. Great job, David!

The back cover is a lovely "Gatsby Style" paper doll by Eileen R. Miller. Click image below for more information about the issue and how to purchase it or click here to order online.

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  1. Hi -- I'm wondering if there is an online PDF of this issue? It's sold out. And also do you know if it's possible to purchase Martha Davis' paper dolls online? Thanks so much for any info.