Friday, May 1, 2009

Cornerstones and Convention 2009

It's late at night, I'm exhausted, but I had to post the question: How does Deanna Williams do it?

The latest issue of Cornerstones is out with a theme of patriots (including a lovely Betsy Ross paper doll by Ralph Hodgdon and a color repro of a Hilda Miloche children's page), plus she included a supplement devoted to Raggedy Ann (with its own color insert paper doll).

And big plus:
she's organizing this year's convention in Las Vegas -- I just received my registration packet in today's mail.

Deanna is one organized lady, with long experience planning conventions and luncheons -- the Vegas convention is September 30-Oct. 3 and promises to be memorable.

It might seem like a long way away, but don't be fooled. The months fly, and the workshops will fill up FAST.

Bruce Patrick Jones is once again doing his Artist Sweatshop; David Wolfe is leading a mask-making workshop; Sandy Vanderpool and Beverly Miccucci head an altered book class; Marilyn Henry on the fine points of drawing fashion figures. There are presentations by Lorna Thomopoulos on Princess Diana, Tom Tierney on his storied career, Marion Creamer on the art of Ethel Hayes and Jenny Taliadoros on the publishing life. There are tours planned of the Liberace museum and of the famous Strip.

We're in for a treat. Get your registration in now if you haven't already.

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