Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michelle First Lady Paper Dolls

Congratulations to Jenny Taliadoros and David Wolfe! Paper Studio Press and Paperdollywood were mentioned in today's New York Post, in the Cindy Adams gossip column -- quite a coup to break into Cindy's column. Here's the link and the excerpt with their mention-- and yes, that is Cindy Adams' trademark New York City rat-a-tat-tat style of writing with a touch of the curmudgeon!

"...OH, fer God sakes, comes another Obama paper- doll cutout book. I mean, please. Last week I did the St. Martin's one, which is on the two of them, Barack and Michelle, in their bathing suits, underdrawers, inaugural outfits, Election Day shmattas, Hawaiian vacation things. Now something called Paper Studio Press, whateverthehell that is, in tandem with Paperdollywood, whateverthehell that is, will publish "Michelle First Lady Paper Dolls."

It's two Mrs. dolls and eight pages of wardrobe, including her pre-celebrity wedding dress. Price, $14.50, plus, since it's coming from Maine, another $3.50 for shipping. That is, unless you want to drive into that outback there and pick it up yourself."

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