Saturday, May 16, 2009

Francoise paper doll

The same man who had the Phosphatine Falieres cutouts had this paper doll. It was my first paper doll find in Paris. Poor Francoise has no features -- the ink has rubbed off. I wouldn't be surprised if Patricia at Agence Eureka has this one in better shape.


  1. Oh no it's sad but I've not this charming paperdoll but i've 10 "phosphatine" 2 here and one here and 4 but bad scans i must do it again and the 3 last
    ;-) thanks for all your work and great gift (and sorry for bad english , hope your french holliday was great and the french not so horrible....)

  2. I had a very good time, Patricia. People were patient as my husband attempted to speak French -- I let him do all the talking! I love your phosphatine collection.

    We'll have to keep searching for Francoise with a face!

  3. Very lovely! As with nearly everything you have on this website of yours, I can hardly wait to print these out! The cutting, though, is another story entirely, likely due to my arthritis. Do you have any tips, O gracious paper doll master?

    God bless,
    Alexandra, aged fourteen years, who proudly still plays with paper dolls =)