Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of the Dead Paper Dolls

Dover Publications gives us a peek inside Kwei-lin Lum's wonderful book.


  1. Linda,
    Today I went to a Day of the Dead street faire in Canoga Park CA. There were so many of the offering items--marigolds, incense burners, candles, sugar skulls, day of the dead breadm some even in the shape of human figures. And lest one think that this is not an evolving holiday, there was an altar to Michael Jackson, and vendors sold somewhat ghoulish T-shirts (Halloween is creeping in), and there was a large exhibit of gorgeous souped up cars and lowrider bicycles. Kwei-lin Lum

  2. I love the idea of the Day of the Dead separate from Halloween, hope it isn't co-opted over time. Although that is how it goes here, isn't it? Pop culture + ancient traditions equals something new and funky.

  3. I overheard someone say that Mexican's really like the idea of Halloween and might be embracing it. There were several Day of the Dead celebrations in Los Angeles, from what I hear. The one I went to had a few Halloween overtones, unless it was really a street art aesthetic that seemed kind of horrific. Kwei-lin