Sunday, November 8, 2009

JMK Doll Show

This show is just 15 minutes from where I live. Mostly dolls, but I always find some interesting paper doll pieces, and doll magazines with paper doll inserts, usually for $1 or less. Lots of fun to see the fashion dolls, too: not just the vintage Revlons, but the Mel Odom and Jason Wu versions of the Gene dolls. Love seeing the Patty PlayPals my sisters had as kids. Found a battered Pitiful Pearl one year, which I bought pretty cheap.

I don't know if a copy of this little flyer will get you the discount, but you can download an official $1 off coupon at

Diana Eufrasio Vining (who also designs dolls and paper dolls) will be at this show, probably with husband Dennis and their baby daughter Samantha Grace (born this past January).

Check out Diana's latest paper dolls at

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