Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson

I first met Marcia at the NJ Book Arts Symposium at Rutgers-Newark last year. She came over to my house on Oct. 19 to see some zines and several paper dolls that I've posted here.

Marcia is a book artist, collagist, doll maker, sculptor...everytime I visit her website I click on a different link and find some incredible thing:

You can see her artist books (and read about her purse of regrets) at

I keep going back to the Advice from a Failure link:

Work will prevent me from attending this year's book arts symposium on Friday, Nov. 6.

Here's what I'm missing:

Symposium ‘09 will look at the book in association with a range of different kinds of community, some of which include (1) artists working in or for a particular geographically or culturally defined community, (2) collaborative artists or communities of artists or book-workers, (3) and the international network of book artists that constitutes what anthropologist Victor Turner defined as "communitas": an unstructured community where all members are equal and in which there abides an intense community spirit.


Find out more at:

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