Friday, July 9, 2010

Hose-supporter, 1923


Dearest, How would you like to be the "passionate puppy" on the other side? It's nearly Wed.--am getting fearfully excited--all my love
The correspondent wrote No. 1 in the upper left hand corner, so she may have wanted Mr. Howard Weisel to know more cards were on the way. Sent from Asbury Park in 1923. Lucky dog indeed!

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  1. Sweet card, and quite a naughty text written on it. I guess it must have been a hot, sweaty summer then too. Everyone is crazy here at the moment, because we are in the finals of the Soccer World Champion Cup. Happy PFF.

  2. Makes one wonder if the whole thing is meant to be lascivious or not!

  3. Great card and being hosed down in this heat sounds good to me!!!!!! Fun card! Happy PFF!

  4. For 1923 - how racy did things get??? Ah the flapper years! happy PFF!

  5. I don't think that the dog is a campaigner for HOSE The HOs.
    There is an amusement water park called Wet'n Wild.
    Maybe Wet is the dog, 'cause he's domestic.
    Maybe she gets wild when she gets wet. Or wetted, I might specify.

  6. I don't know what's funnier - the card or the message! : )

  7. good grief! these comments are slipping into X-rated territory ;-)

    a great card and a decidedly saucy message! happy PFF!