Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jerry paper doll, c. 1920s

Margaret Menamin was expert at finding figures in old magazines and creating a wardrobe for them, either with an eye for similar poses, or with her own drawing and collage skills. Above, one of her "found paper dolls" that she named Jerry, and two outfits Margaret created herself--I especially like the black dress defined with a white watercolor marker. Below, four outfits cut from a magazine, plus a collage dress with pink sash, created by Margaret. Note some of the magazine dresses are not a perfect fit--the hands-on-hip dresses don't match up with the paper doll pose.


  1. Oh! I ADORE these costumes! Especially that lacy pink one. Kind of reminds me, in some ways, of today's low slung fashions.

  2. I used to draw paper doll outfits for Margaret in exchange for some of her paper dolls. This was such a sentimental post to see.