Monday, July 26, 2010

Scrap paper dolls

Christine H. asked about how scraps are used to create a paper doll. These scraps invited girls to fashion costumes, and the result can be artistic, charming or awkward--or all three at once. Here's a sample that was recently for sale at The head and shoulders and legs are vintage scrap; the rest, including the doughy arms and the softly drawn hands, and the crepe and lace dress, are the work of a child (or young adult).

Below, a few from my collection:
This is a copy of an old articulated doll. You can see how the torso was created to join the other scrap parts.

This doll (and the one below it) are very old. The child who owned these had only the head and arms to work with; the torso and feet are hand made. Dennison crepe was the paper of choice, from what I've read in many paper doll source books. Although the shiny black paper used to reinforce the back might have been office supplies brought home...


  1. Thank you so much. Not being a paper doll collector, this is all new and wonderful to me. I love that it gave girls such a great opportunity for creativity.

  2. It really is a fun hobby, the things you learn about fashion, and how children played in the old days.