Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jenny Lind by Sandy Vanderpool

Jenny Lind is one of my favorite New York City stories. She was already famous in her native Sweden and Europe when P.T. Barnum promoted her in the U.S. with an appearance at Castle Garden in lower Manhattan. According to Wikipedia: 
Lind's first two American performances were given as charity concerts in New York City on September 11 and 13, 1850 at the Castle Garden Theater, now better known as Castle Clinton, with thousands attending and collecting an astonishing $10,141 and $14,200. The first "Regular Concert" was given on September 17, 1850.
 More than 100 years later, I was among the school children still reading about "the Swedish Nightingale."

This beautiful set comes with five costumes, and can be ordered from artist Sandra Vanderpool. $25 to Sandy at P.O. Box 695. Erie, CO 80516. She has many, many other sets: order the 24+ page catalog for $2.50 plus 3 first-class stamps.

And congratulations to Sandy, who will have her first paper doll book by Paper Studio Press published later this year, with four more books to follow!

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  1. Hi I see you collect Jenny Lind items. I have a Jenny Lind solid walnut organ case with her 2 carvings of her face. If you are interested in this piece of history. Please let me know. I know she used this to cover and protect her organ while traveling. NEW YORK 1858 Very neat piece of history.