Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seashore by Susan Branch

These stickers were a free insert a few years back, in Woman's Day or Family Circle magazine. I could never bring myself to use them. Beautiful images for the end of summer. Susan Branch has a wonderfully distinct style in her art and writing. Delicate and whimsical.


  1. In the early '90s she used to do illustrations for a recipe page in Country Living magazine. I saved most of them. And a friend gave me a cookbook she illustrated called "Vineyard Seasons" which is lovely. Never tried any of the recipes. My friend gave it to me purely for the illustrations.

  2. She does have a beautiful style. I would have trouble using them too, especially as they so beautifully represent everything I love about Summer.

  3. THANK YOU!!!!

    The SEA-stickers are fantastic, and I´m very happy that I now know that Susan Branch exsists...

    If you wonder why I´m so happy, try take a quick look at my blog ,;o)

    Best wishes