Monday, September 27, 2010

Zelda paper doll, 1938

Found at a flea market at Barnegat Light last week, this little doll was part of the set "27 Dancing School Paper Dolls," published by Merrill in 1938. The Z on her ruffle I assume refers to her name, which I'm guessing is Zelda. And why not? Brings to mind the dancing dreams of Zelda Fitzgerald.


  1. Hi Linda! I am brazilian, as you are a Caetano Veloso fan, I felt encouraged to write you! I am a paper freek, I mean, fan, too. Mainly paper dolls. So, pehaps you could help me. (and I will be grateful!) When I was a child, I am 56 now, I used to read a comic ( in my country it was called Lili ) that was about two rivals model. Lili was blonde,like Doris Day, wearing a heart earing. Zizi was redhaired, like Rita in Gilda, wearing a star earing. The photografer dated Lili, the kind one, and Zizi wanted them to break apart. Their features looked like the archie´s, same eyes. In every comic book there was a paper doll to be coloured and cut. Do you know them? Please, if you remember the american name , just that, it would be helpful!
    Thanks anyway, and thanks for the wonderful blogs!

  2. I wonder why there were 27? The Z made me think that perhaps they had a doll for each letter of the alphabet...but then there would be that extra one. She's adorable.

  3. Angela, I've put the word out to paper doll collectors about your query. I know there was a Millie the Model series, I'm going to look that one up and see if she looks like the Lili you describe.