Monday, August 30, 2010

Mystery paper doll

Pat Whalen of the NYC paper doll group sent this cutie for our round robin of design. Anyone know what set or book it's from? These are my primitive collage outfits, using old wallpaper and contemporary scrap paper. No way I could draw that arm, so I copied and pasted her arm when necessary! 


  1. What lovely outfits you've made! So sweet...

    So if I figure out what set this mystery paper doll is from, can I win the crown back? :-)
    - Susan

  2. She is precious. The dresses you made her are sweet and I think they suit her very well.

  3. What a lovely, lovely doll, and your outfits are so in period for her and so lovely.

    I am so tempted to copy her and make her some clothes, she really, really appeals to me.

    Aren't round robins fun? I just finished one and have another waiting to be done.

  4. Oh, please do Marge! And scan them in so we can see.