Monday, August 2, 2010

Yuhsien Paper-Cuts

Another find at Geno Sartori's Green Flea table. Not sure of the date, but I don't believe these are very old; the colors are so vibrant. The envelope on the back says General Distributor: Guozi Shudian, China Publications Centre, P.O. Box 399 Peking, China. Because of the use of the old Peking (instead of Beijing), I would trace these to the 1970s or mid 1980s.


  1. They remind me of the paper cuts that were imported for years after the People's Republic was opened to mass tourism (ca 1980). They were fairly common and so exquisite and are still being sold - -- That address is a kick. Beijing is huge. To have just one 3-digit PO Box in the whole of Peking for one agency, would seem primitive, or indicative of a highly centralized political system. Kwei-lin

  2. Do you have any idea what these paper cuts would be worth? I have a friend who has a collection of 10 butterflies and another of 10 butterflies with flowers/fruit.


  3. Stephanie,

    I didn't spend a lot for these at a flea market last summer, maybe $6 for an envelope of cut-outs.