Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comic strip paper doll, 1946

Wish I had more information. Anyone recognize the artist or newspaper comic strip this is from?
UPDATE: Thanks to Cindy Wuthrich for identifying this as a Boots Cut-Out from June 2, 1946, depicting the character known as Babe.


  1. I am wondering, did Dick Tracy ever have paper dolls. This reminds me a little of "Tess". This is only a guess.

  2. This paper doll is a "Boots Cutouts" - the panel ran on June 2, 1946. You have all the pieces. It was opposite Babe 'n' Horace by Martin and under the Boots strip by Martin. I think it depicts "Babe" - there was a series of her as a paper doll - this whole page was among the things I picked up at the Morphy;s auction of Phylis Grindle's collection. Cindy

  3. I agree that this is from the Boots series, but I don't think it's Babe. Babe was Boots' chubby friend. She was beautiful and much heavier than the rest of Boots and her friends.