Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mad Men paper doll

What a treat to find this during a random Google image search of paper dolls! I love this show. Check out dyna moe's other Mad Men illustrations, and even a calendar commemorating some great scenes. Here's what the illustrator had to say about this paper doll art:

The clothes really do fit on her and this is totally play-with-able. Note, there are no traditional paper doll "tabs" on the clothing, so some double-sided tape, magnets, snot, denture adhesive, etc will need to be employed. The deluxe version features tabs and two significant Joan dresses not pictured (a hot pink wiggle dress with a black belt and the black satin cocktail number she's wearing when Roger has a heart attack). FOR SALE NOW on

How much do I love this show? I just picked up GQ for the first time because it had Don Draper (actor Jon Hamm) on the cover.

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