Friday, December 19, 2008

More vintage Christmas cards

From the Chester Thorpe scrapbook, circa 1926. Interestingly, these rectangular cards are more like postcards, but were evidently hand-delivered or slipped in an envelope -- they're all blank on the back; some have written a personal message there. All have remnants of glue on the back where Thorpe affixed them to his scrapbook.

Gertrude added on the back: "I trust you have not forgotten this champion bridge player--when sober. Lots of good wishes from Gertrude." Quite an admission to put in writing during Prohibition! But that sentence can be read two ways -- was Chester or Gertrude the one who liked to imbibe?

I've never heard the expression "tin Henry" -- it must have been a popular expression back then, but somehow only tin Lizzie lasted over the years. Reading this card and others, I get the sense that people loved to complain about their automobiles, a way to announce their status as car owners, without appearing to brag too much...

I love this card because it shows people in clothing of the era--cloche hats, rising hems, knickers on the boys--and evokes that homecoming feeling of the season.

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