Monday, December 1, 2008

Penny Ross Paper Dolls

These paper dolls belonged to Violet Lane, the stepmother of Colleen Gilbert.

From Colleen:

We went to live with my birth mother in 1963 & that was the last I ever saw of the paper dolls! Including my own childhood collection of Katy Keene, various movie stars & Betsy McCall.I have found many of them on the net & in McCall's magazines at yard sales. I never knew for sure about Vi's paper dolls until I bought some paper dolls from Judy Johnson. I knew that they were from the Chicago Tribune in the 20's.

Vi probably sold them or threw the whole lot of them away. These scraps were behind some stationery in a fancy box---I remember only intact dolls in good condition. These may have been put away for scrapbooking or something decades ago!

I would love to find the Penny Ross dolls in any condition--even scans--I am not a collector --I just like to play with paper dolls!

If anyone has scans of Penny Ross dolls to share, let me know, and I'll post them here.


  1. Hi-my mom died in January, and we've been going through her legacy. My sister has found envelopes and envelopes of dolls we think came from the 1920's Chicago Tribune collection(s). We would love for them to go to someone who cares!

  2. Hi!I was wondering if Coleen got the ones from Givhan because I have scans of the very same dolls you are featuring and their clothes minus the damage so if she is still interested I could just send them as attachments.