Friday, December 12, 2008

More from Ponce, P.R.

I returned yesterday from four days in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where it was a balmy 85 most days, and cooler at night. (My blog posts during that time were scheduled to run during my absence, a nice feature of the Blogger host platform).

All three of the postcards here seem to be of 1930s-1940s vintage--remember to left-click for a much larger image. Calle Luna (the postcard that ran on Dec. 7, the day I arrived in Ponce, and that is repeated here at the bottom) is in the heart of Ponce, the island's second biggest city after San Juan, and today it is quite urban and busy. The mountain huts are now made of wood or concrete, and line the hillside above Ponce where my cousins live. It was another world up there, and I loved the close-knit community that my extended family belongs to.

In addition to the beautiful ocean beach at Ponce Playa, there is a new boardwalk on the waterfront called La Guancha which is quite lovely. Here is an image taken from the internet:

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