Friday, December 4, 2009

Audrey Hepburn


Update: Every dress but one is Givenchy. The long-sleeved mini-dress, of silk and lace, is a Valentino, the same style worn by Jackie Kennedy when she married Onassis in 1968.

From an article in yesterday's New York Times:

“Like Christmas 1,000 times over,” says Tanja Star-Busmann, referring to the “cavalcade of boxes” she would receive from her friend Audrey Hepburn.
Out would spill the spoils of celluloid fame: little black dresses, sleek and sculpted or crusty with lace; slender evening gowns in fresh sorbet colors; snug hats, bobbing with tassels; and the occasional personal items from the gamine movie star, like a striped matelot sweater or a herringbone tweed coat in which she would walk her Yorkshire terrier Famous.
This cache of clothes, kept for over half a century, including a letter by Audrey to her friend, sharing her stage fright before her “Gigi” debut on Broadway in 1951, comes up for sale at auction next week.
More pictures at Kerry Taylor Auctions.

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