Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Convention Tidbits #4: Wallpaper Wardrobe

This is Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew. Artist: Barbara Barnett, 2007.

Who can resist the wallpaper wardrobe of a Barbara Barnett paper doll? And who wouldn't want to try a hand at it, too?

Good news: Scott Jorgenson, vintage fashion expert, will be leading a workshop in creating a wallpaper wardrobe at the 2011 Paper Doll Convention in Philadelphia, Aug.17-21. He'll also offer a presentation on collecting vintage fashion in cloth and paper.

But if you haven't registered yet, don't waste any time. The Registration packets will go out in the mail this month, and workshops will fill up FAST! Click on the convention logo to the left to register.

Here are the details from David Wolfe, chairman of this year's convention:


Participants will create a wardrobe for a vintage-look paper doll. The doll will be given to those attending the workshop along with a set of templates to trace around on patterned wallpaper samples.  They
will also be given sheets of details such as collars, cuffs, and bows to cut out an paste onto the wallpaper dresses and playwear. The workshop will be under the direction of Scott Jorgenson.


Scott Jorgenson will offer a presentation that explains how collecting vintage fashion is the same whether it is made of fabrics or print for paper dolls.  Finding genuine vintage treasures in thrift shops or on the Internet offers first-hand fashion history that has been worn in the past and Scott has a collection of over 500 pieces.  He will share some stories about his neverending quest for special fashions and show how those very same styles have been illustrated by paper doll artists in years gone by and also by many of today's leading paper doll artists.

UPDATE: You can register online using PayPal or a credit card by clicking here.


  1. The wallpaper wardrobe sounds like a great class! the whole convention sounds like it could be really fun. Do you have them every year?

  2. Yes, but workshops vary from year to year. Come join us in Philadelphia!