Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Claire paper doll

Carol Carey, Pat Whalen and I had fun designing for the small version of a 1950s doll. The doll was cut from a Judy Johnson postcard.  Judy has many wonderful reproductions of hard-to-find paper dolls at www.papergoodies.com.


  1. My comment may seems a little odd or sad but when I saw this paper doll in triggers a very old memory of mine. Back in the late 1950s my mother and father had a BIG argument and my mother decided to take the bus from The SF Bay Area to her home town in Glendale Arizona for a short trip to cool down and clear her mind. I distinctly remember my brothers and sisters trying to convince me to go with my mother (I was the youngest of 6). They bribed me by promising to buy me the paper doll in your photo - tho for some reason I remember her with some blonde doll hair attached to the cardboard.

  2. Sad, but not odd. The dolls and toys we played with as children evoke intense memories, some happy, some not so happy. Those memories drive a lot of what I collect.
    This paper doll did come in different versions, and I've seen one with long hair; I wouldn't be surprised if another version had doll hair attached, too. "Real life" hair on paper dolls was a fad in the fifties.