Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Alice Busy Bee, c. 1915

I first posted this American Colortype doll three years ago on my first blog. Little Alice Busy Bee exemplifies one of our convention themes: the American Spirit. More from David Wolfe:

Convention Themes for the Fun of It! 
As always, there will be a real party atmosphere at the Paper Doll Convention to be held in Philadelphia, August 17-21st.

The fun will begin Wednesday evening with a Registration Party and get together.  Held in the ballroom complex at the Philadelphia Airport Embassy Suites Hotels, conventioneers will be presented with their badges and a messenger-style, logo-printed tote bag containing (what else?) paper dolls and goodies!  Finger food and soft drinks will be provided and there will be a cash bar, too.  Norma Lu Meehan will share a special presentation about the history of paper dolls.  A souvenir book featuring "Four Famous Fillies from Philly" will be presented.

Thursday evening's buffet banquet will have a Red-White-Blue theme in honor of Philadelphia's historically patriotic spirit.  The color theme will be carried out in centerpieces designed by Deanna Williams (who is, in fact, creating her usual clever centerpieces for every banquet).  The souvenir book, all red-white-blue of course, will be given out.  It is hoped that everyone will get in the spirit and wear red-white-blue outfits.  A fun paper doll trivia game will garner some lucky players some terrific prizes.

Friday evening will pay tribute to Philadelphia's Colonial heritage. Brenda Sneathen Mattox will share her in-depth knowlege of historical costume of the Colonial period and the souvenir book will include some important Colonial characters.  Dress code?  Powdered wigs and hoopskirts.  Just kidding! 

The final buffet banquet Saturday evening will be a classy affair inspired by two famous films, "The Philadelphia Story" and "High Society."  Movie buffs will recognize that both films are different versions of the same story that takes place in Mainline Philadelphia society.  The souvenir book will pay tribute to the stars of both films.  Lorna Currie Thomopoulos will present the fairy-tale life of Philadelphia's movie queen turned princess, Grace Kelly.  Of course, this is dress-up time, so go for the glitz!

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