Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Herald newsboy

I have a soft spot for newspaper carrying paper dolls. c. 1880s.

And speaking of news, here's the latest Convention Update:

If you are not lucky enough to be able to attend the International Paper Doll Convention in Philadelphia this August, that doesn't mean your paper doll collection has to suffer. Absentee Packages are available to order now and that means you can own all the fabulous original paper dolls that are being created for the conventioneers. This year's convention is offering a bumper crop of brand new paper dolls that are sure to become collectible treasures.
There are five "official" souvenirs that will be presented at the parties and banquets. "Four Famous Fillies from Philly" have been recreated as paper dolls by Gregg Nystrom, a young artist known for his exquisite likenesses. Jeanette MacDonald, Janet Gaynor, Billie Holiday and of course, Grace Kelly are the "fillies," all born in Philadelphia. David Wolfe's artistry is responsible for the fashions to dress the dolls in this book that will be distributed at the Registration Party. The second souvenir book pays tribute to Philadelphia's patriotic roots as the birthplace of the nation and cheers, "Hooray for the Red, White and Blue. Four artists were given carte blanche to create a paper doll inspired by the American tricolor. Jim Howard, Sandra Vanderpool, Eileen Rudisill Miller and Judy M Johnson all contributed a doll and outfits, each in their own inimitably indelible artistic style. Another souvenir book will celebrate famous "Colonial Characters." Famed artist Tom Tierney depicts Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson is represented by Donald Hendricks. The feminine Colonialists are represented by Brenda Sneathen Mattox' Dolley Madison doll while David Wolfe discovered Mary Philipse, the young beauty who was George Washington's first love.
For movie fans, yet another souvenir features to famous classic movies that told the same story. "The Philadelphia Story" and "High Society" are combined in a double-cover book that stars the cast of both films. Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant become paper dolls by Marilyn Henry and Jim Howard while the latter film's stars, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra, are dolled up by Norma Lu Meehan and Bruce Patrick Jones. A very unique paper doll has been designed and executed by talented artist, Kwei-lin Lum.
In addition to the official souvenir books, Absentee Packages will also include a wealth of "extras." Over 25 artists have donated black-and-white paper dolls for those who like to color as well as cut-out. One of the workshops will provide a cute doll, "Winnie Wallpaper," and templates to make clothes for her out of printed wallpaper. And for wannabe paper doll artists, this year's Dress-a-Doll, Jeanette MacDonald, will also be sent to Absentees.
If you'd like to order an Absentee Package, simply go to

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