Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scenes from a Paper Doll Party

Jayne Keller's annual paper doll luncheon yesterday in Morgantown, Pa., was great fun: a chance to catch up with friends, make new ones and buy paper dolls, of course. Many dealers and collectors in attendance will also be at the Philadelphia convention in August.

 Artist Lisa Miller and her children Rebecca, 10, and John, 12.

Carol Sullivan.

Margaret Brown and her excellent doll dresses for sale. 
She sews them herself, many are made from paper doll print fabric.

Don Schmidt.

 Marge Seltzer.

Bob Eshbaugh and Marlene Brenner. Bob was selling the collection of his late wife, Margaret Menamin.

Martha Raively and Chris Cannon.
 Lauren Welker sold back issue of her Paper Doll Diary.
 Jan McKay won an issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly in the raffle. 
The issue contains paper dolls by Lisa Miller.

Carol Carey and Patti Fertel.
Patti Fertel created paper dolls from vintage illustrations and packaged them in colorful folders.

Paula Hill's sales table.

Carol Carey holds up a Margaret Menamin creation inspired 
by vintage Dennison jointed dolls and crepe dresses.

Carol Carey and Meredith Petrie chat at Lisa Miller's sales table, as John Miller listens in.


  1. Thanks for the post, Linda. I was really intrigued with Patti Fertel's work. Although I've known her for over 10 years, she's not exhibited a lot at our conventions during that period.

    I really liked Jayne Keller's paper doll, too. She's another one who rarely exhibits her art at conventions, although she comes frequently.


  2. What a wonderful recap! Thank you!