Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center, c. 1964

A favorite place to stroll at Easter time, right off Fifth Ave. I was sad when the French bookstore on the left closed recently, but that is NYC, always changing. I hope the stores keep their awnings. Funny how a little detail like that changes the feeling of a street. The little lady in her fur stole made me smile. I had a couple of great aunts who would swan into family gatherings with stoles just like that one.

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  1. I loved this photo!! My husband and I, when visiting NYC in 2008, walked by here on the way back from the ballet(We saw the Kirov perform but not at Lincoln Center, can't remember the name of the theater). We had a tough time hailing a cab so decided to walk back to our hotel.

    The flowers intrigued me and I asked him, "Lets go up this way and see where it takes us..." And much to my surprise it took us to the skating rink and that famous statue!! I was astonished that the rink looks so much smaller than in the movies. Of course I shouldn't have been since everything looks bigger on film. LOL

    I was SO glad that we weren't able to get a cab because otherwise we would have missed it! We were only in the city for a couple of days (we could only afford a couple of days! LOL). The trip was a birthday present for me...saw Phantom (loved it!!) and of course the ballet. I hope to go back one day as I still have to finish seeing the Museum of Natural History(that place is huge!!), The Enpire State Building and Central Park.

    Thank you for sharing!!