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Little Nemo's Bear, 1907


A New York Herald supplement, 1907. I posted this cut-out four years ago on my first blog.  I'm posting Little Nemo's Bear once again because I'm taking him to the convention as my entry in the convention competition.  A first for me!

Winsor McKay's Little Nemo is considered one of the most beautiful and imaginative comic strips ever created, in the days when comic pages (and newspapers!) were large and had little competition for a child's attention. I love it because it touches on so many things fascinating to me: New York newspaper history, turn-of-the century comic strips and great illustration. It's one of my favorites.

Here's Garth Lax on the competition and other convention activities:

                            LET  FREEDOM  RING !
                                      Email # 11
If you've never put a paper doll into competition before, the process is
easy and painless. Of course, you must be registered for the Convention,
but there's no entry fee, you get to arrange your own entry as you wish
within the space that you specify, you may well find that your entry
wins a ribbon, and most of all, you'll be "sharing" your paper doll
treasure with all the other collectors.
Best of all, not only is the Entry Fee Zero, but any Ribbon that you win
is yours to keep with pride; and the excitement and value of the
Competition experience are Priceless.
At Philadelphia 2011, the Competition will be different from those of
past Conventions.
There will be four time-based Divisions:
Early 20th Century 1900-1940
Mid-Century 1941-1960
Contemporary 1961-2011
There will be no Categories within those time periods.
There will be no teams of expert Judges.
Instead, within each Division, it will be a "My Favorite Paper Doll"
Each person will be able to enter only one Paper Doll per Division,
or a maximum of four if they enter one in each Division.
In each Division your entry may be a Paper Doll or a Paper Toy. 
It may be old or new, cut or uncut, mint or "played with".
It may be in any form - - book or boxed or magazine or newspaper.
It may be Advertising or non-Advertising, commercial or hand-made
or Original Art.
It doesn't matter.  It just has to be your Favorite.
The only restriction is that you may not re-enter an item that you
entered and was judged in the past five years.
The Judging will be by everyone at the Convention. As folks view
the entries, they'll be able to fill out a form that lists their top choices
- - a lot like the Popular Voting process at previous Conventions.
There will be 4 Top Winners, one for each Division, and the one lucky
paper doll that gets the most votes across all four Divisions will be
honored as "The Convention's Favorite Paper Doll" and will receive
a very special award.
Entering is easy. Just select one Paper Doll to enter for any or one for each
Division, fill out the forms in your Registration Packet, and you're all set.
Lori Lawson is in charge of the Competition for Philadelphia. If you have
a question, you can ask Lori at
So - - put on your thinking cap and start pondering which are your
favorite paper dolls that you'll be entering in the Competition !!
(That's really the hard part, isn't it??)
At every evening event as well as the Sunday Farewell, there will be
a Program. Some are informative, some are fun, some are both - -
but every one is riveting!  Let's see what Philadelphia will have for you:
On the Wednesday evening, at the Get-Together, the Program series
will open with a Blockbuster - - Norma Lu Meehan's
"Paper Dolls - Fashion's Archives".
In this Power Point presentation you're going to see stunningly
beautiful paper dolls of antiquity and Norma Lu's extensive fashion
knowledge melded into a fashion road map in a talk that has played
to enthusiastic SRO crowds in the US Mid-West. 
You definitely don't want to miss this one !!
On the Thursday evening, your Program will be fun and challenging
as Jenny Taliadoros gets your mental juices flowing with a Trivia Game.
But not just any Trivia Game. This one will be Paper Doll Trivia !!
Each table will constitute a team, and everyone at the table will work
to come up with the answers to Jenny's Paper Doll trivia questions!
Whichever table gets the most answers correct will be the winner!
And everyone at that table will receive a prize!!
So start brushing up on your PD knowledge. Time's a-wastin'  !!
On Friday night, the theme will be Colonial, and the program
will be "Colonial Fashions", presented by Brenda Sneathen Mattox,
an expert in the fashions of centuries past.
Brenda will focus on the period 1789 - 1800, a decade in which the
change in women's dress was the most radical in centuries. 
"A tiny waist was no longer a requirement.  Heavy skirts disappeared.
Outer clothes started to look like underwear, for heavens sake! 
Shocking! " - - to quote Brenda.
As you can see, Brenda's program will be filled with accurate fashions,
concise information, and a presentation style that will bring smiles to all.
On Saturday evening, the theme will be High Society, and the program
will be "Grace Kelly", presented by Lorna Currie Thomopoulos.
Synonymous with cool elegance and impeccable taste, Grace Kelly
remains a style icon of the twentieth century. Lorna's program will
follow her influence on fashion from her glamorous movie career
to her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco, and her subsequent life
as Princess Grace and the mother of Prince Albert and Princesses
Caroline and Stephanie.
Lorna's presentation will have all the biographical details, and will be
filled with inside observations and dishy details (and rumours) along
the way. "Grace Kelly" will be a highlight of the Convention!
Sunday morning, at the Farewell Gathering, you're in for another treat.
Scott Jorgenson will present "Collecting Fashion in Cloth and Paper".
Searching for genuine vintage treasures in thrift shops or on the Internet
is a quest for fashion history that has been worn in the past - -
a quest from which Scott has amassed a collection of over 500 pieces.
Scott, an expert on Vintage Fashion, will explain how collecting vintage
fashion is the same whether it is made of fabric or print for paper dolls.
He will share some stories about his never-ending quest for special
fashions and show how those very same styles have been illustrated
by paper doll artists in years gone by as well as today. 
How are those for great Programs ??!! 
- - Garth
                               August 17 - 21, 2011
                  Embassy Suites - Philadelphia Airport
                               9000 Bartram Avenue
                            Philadelphia,  PA  19153
                          CONVENTION REGISTRATION
CITY_______________________STATE_______ ZIP/PC__________
Registration:  $295.00 USD 
Absentee Registration:  $155.00 USD
  (Absentee Registrations are limited in number.)
Guest Registration (Meals, Reception Party) $150.00
  GUEST NAME:__________________________________________
Make Checks payable to:  2011 Paper Doll Convention
____ Check/money order enclosed
____ Credit Card #____________________________Exp.Date______
        (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx accepted)
        (charge will appear on statement as "Paperdoll Review")
Mail to:
David Wolfe
P.O. Box 2279
New Preston,  CT  06777

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  1. I wish you the best of luck. I have never seen this bear paper doll, but I am a huge fan of Little Nemo.