Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Letty Lynton gown

Artist: Betty J. Rolenz, 1991. Likely a souvenir from a past convention. The artist did an excellent job with this Adrian gown.  "Letty Lynton" was the name of a 1932 Joan Crawford film.  You'll find this paper doll on the convention freebie table.

Here's a photo of the Letty Lynton gown as Crawford wore it:

The Wikipedia entry for Letty Lynton reveals this gown was a smash hit, and 500,000 copies were sold. The movie is rarely seen except in bootleg copies, because of a plagiarism lawsuit. I see online discussions from two years ago about its imminent release on DVD, and will check Netflix. The movie is from the pre-Code Hollywood era, before the censors shaped Hollywood and forced every sinner on celluloid to get his or her due before the final credits rolled.


  1. I am so thrilled that you and others are still so interested in her work. Around this time last year we began work on her website so that her work could once again be available to the public for sale. Just after we began work both my grandparents developed some serious health issues. This included some lifestyle changes and because of these the project was put on hold temporarily. Now though she is in the process of working on her website as well as some new material. Thank you so much for your continued interested and we will keep you posted.
    Jennifer Rolenz, her granddaughter.

  2. Excellent, I look forward to hearing more.