Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paperdoll Review Issue 59

I have to admit I felt a pang of guilt when I saw this cover -- Marilyn Henry asked me a while ago to see what I could find about the illustrators Corinne and Bill Bailey, and I found very little and ran out of time to dig further. The cover art is by Corinne Bailey. If anyone has a lead on this artistic couple, please let me know!

Marilyn does a lot of the heavy lifting in this issue, and does it all with aplomb: articles on the hard-to-find Newspaper Dressograph Paper Dolls of movie stars in the 1930s; paper dolls and toys of farm life; paper dolls with an ocean liner theme; and famous movie couples. Tamara Gerard has an excellent roundup of sibling paper dolls. 

Be sure to check out the What's New feature: Norma Lu Meehan has a wonderful, limited edition paper doll of artist Jim Howard: "He's Simply Jim Dandy." I couldn't agree more, and promptly ordered the book:

Also in this issue:

--Louise Leek gives us a summary of the Northern Ohio Paper Doll party, and Marie Roose writes up the 2014 convention -- her first -- and does an excellent job describing the fun party/reunion that Pat O'Rourke organized over four days. 

--A lovely remembrance of Tom Tierney by Bruce Patrick Jones. Elaine Price does the honors for her old friend Letty Schwarz (without the t). Elaine and Letty had a playful competition and some of the most precious antique handmade paper dolls I've ever seen. 

A bittersweet note: Faye Phillips, who died Aug. 18, had a last letter published in this issue. Faye interviewed Martha Davis in Paperdoll Review 58, about Martha's paper dolls with dresses made from Dennison's crepe paper. I'll miss Faye's chatty updates on Facebook, and I'm grateful that I got to meet this lovely lady at paper doll conventions.

Karen Hunter's excellent Tracy- Hepburn paper doll graces the back cover (extra clothing on the inside back cover).

You can order your copy of this issue (or better yet, subscribe!) by clicking here.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A new look

I'm experimenting with a new look for the blog, so things might be disjointed for a while. 

Thank you for continuing to follow me here. I try to post new images at least once a week, more when I have the time. 

I may move this operation over to Tumblr at some point. Does anyone use Tumblr? Would love to hear pros and cons. 

Also: Please let me know what you think as I introduce an updated version of this blog.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reely Trooly Paper Dolls, c. 1915

A recent purchase from an estate sale via Judy Johnson. The dresses are real cloth.

See more antique paper doll items for sale at Paper Goodies From Judy's Place.

I found these images of an uncut set online at Aleph-Bet Books.