Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Pennsylvania Paper Doll Party Souvenirs

If you are interested in purchasing a set of souvenirs, email Valerie Keller, valrikat(at)gmail(dot)com. Digital payment options are available.
We have a limited number of souvenirs from the Philadelphia Paper Doll Party to sell. The cost of $60 includes shipping in a protective cardboard mailer. As with every paper doll party and convention, absentee souvenirs help us defray the cost of hosting the event.
You’ll receive 11 paper doll souvenirs, 10 full color pages and one black-and-white:
Here’s what’s included:
Artist Jayne Keller—Dreaming the Future is a one-page black and white paper doll by one of the founders of the Pennsylvania party who has designed a souvenir (and the Dress-A-Doll) since the party first started in 1988.
Artist Renaldo Barnette—Two pages of BrookLynn’s Retro Future Fun, by Renaldo Barnette, a fashion illustrator and professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, pay homage to futurist fashion designers from the past like Courrèges and Cardin. Renaldo’s a newcomer to the paper doll community but a longtime collector of paper dolls.
Artist Linda Hoerner—Linda was an enthusiastic member of the Pennsylvania party organizing committee for many years. She created Mary Mercury before her untimely death last year, and this one-page souvenir represents her last gift to us.
Artist Mary Sienkiewicz—Mary is a longtime paper doll artist. You might have been lucky enough to see her work at previous conventions. Mary’s one-page io MM74 The Android is a delightful perspective on robot fashion, and includes a robot cat, too!
Artist Kwei-lin Lum—Kwei-lin’s extraordinary artwork has been featured in conventions and California luncheons of the past, but this is her first time as a contributor to the Pennsylvania party. Meet Aloe and Qira in the two-page souvenir Future Fashion.
Artist Kevin Wilkins—“Forbidden Planet” is a classic of sci-fi cinema and Kevin Wilkins, who made his first appearance at a Pennsylvania party this year, delivered a delightful tribute to the movie with a two-page photo-collaged paper doll of Robby the Robot.
Katy Keene reproductions—Once we started looking for sci-fi themed paper dolls, it was hard to miss Katy Keene and her spectacular futuristic fashion pages. It’s even harder to find the comic books—affordable and in good condition—that featured these paper dolls, which were cleaned up and printed on sturdy cardstock for our souvenir package.