Thursday, December 13, 2018

Using vintage scraps in greeting cards

I found these cute cards at a store called Tuesday Morning, and thought I could glue on some scraps to break up the I did! It was a happy coincidence that I had a batch of scraps that blended nicely with the color scheme of the cards. 

I'm not sure if the scraps are from a paper doll set or not...they do resemble the lovely artwork in the margins of a baby paper doll book. If anyone recognizes them, let me know.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Remembering Sandy Vanderpool

John and Sandy Vanderpool at the 2012 convention in Dayton, Ohio.

The paper doll community lost Sandy Vanderpool, a wonderful friend and artist, on Nov. 28. 

Jenny Taliadoros said it best:

Sandy's life force was so big it's impossible for any one person to sum it up. So I think we all should pay tribute to Sandy in the next issue of OPDAG. I would love to get your testimonials, thoughts, memories, etc., whether a brief sentence or several paragraphs. You're welcome to email me directly at or send a Facebook message. 

Be sure to get your message to Jenny before Dec. 15.