Thursday, May 25, 2017

Convention Updates: Hotel, Competition and Museum Tour


The Embassy Suites Hotel is no longer offering a convention rate for three days before and three days after the convention.

We are disappointed, but apparently that is a corporate decision based on the demand for rooms in the period before and after our convention.

But there is another option, right next door: Extended Stay America at 8880 Bartram Ave., has rooms available at reasonable prices for those "shoulder dates" before and after our convention.

Extended Stay America
Address: 8880 Bartram Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Phone: (215) 365-4360

Online reservations:


We left out an important competition category in the packets, so here is one more for your consideration ​(please keep this information handy when you fill our your competition forms)​:

#13  Foreign PDs - Box, Book or Envelope
        13a.  Foreign PD pre 1900
        13b.  Foreign PD 1900-1950
        13c.  Foreign PD after 1950


Because some of you have asked, the "Rocky Steps" are not the only way to get into the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA). While you are certainly welcome to jog up the steps if you feel so moved, there is an entrance in the rear where buses drop people off, and where there are no steps at all.

​Thanks to Clare Peterson for sharing the following information with us: 
There is a big improvement project going on inside the main building at PMA, and construction has begun. 

This changes the restaurant options somewhat, so look for a future email blast about the museum trip in which we'll update you on lunch options, as well as information on the exhibits at PMA during our visit.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017 PAPER DOLL CONVENTION Email #6: Workshops


Email #6


Registrations Packets will be going out in the mail on Saturday, May 13!
Here’s a preview of the workshops – more details will be in the packet, including fees (if any) and class limits. Once you receive your packet, be sure to sign up and return the registration form as soon as possible; workshops fill up fast!

Penny Arrowood is back with a Map Your Memories Book Workshop in which you’ll assemble a book and construct an articulated paper doll traveling companion – some call it a pantin, or a jumping jack – we think you’ll call it delightful.

Scott Jorgenson and David Wolfe are teaming up for the Groovy Paper Dress Workshop to help you create a ‘60s style paper dress that you can wear to the Saturday Mod Night dress up!

Monduane Harris of the Valley of the Paper Dolls Club in NYC, will help you Cut, Paste, Create — A Mask that will add zing to the Saturday Mod Night dress up.

Ralph  Hodgdon will offer tips on drawing paper dolls and their frocks in his classic Painting and Gossiping with Ralph workshop in which he creates an original right before your eyes. You’ll also hear some wonderful stories about the golden age of Hollywood. At the end of the class, names will be drawn for the original artwork -- will you be the lucky winner?

The Artists Sweatshop returns with Bruce Patrick Jones! The set up: Four teams, each led by an artist. The artists will create a doll in advance of the sweatshop; there will be a random pick to see which team gets which doll. The mission: Design a costume based on a theme that is selected at random by each team. The four sets will be included in the convention Raffle Room.

August 9 - 13, 2017
Airport Embassy Suites, 9000 Bartram Ave., Philadelphia, PA






[  ]  Registration:  $295
[  ]  Absentee Registration (Souvenirs):  $100.00 USD  
[  ]  Guest Registration (3 Meals/No souvenirs) $150.00

GUEST NAME:__________________________________________

Make checks payable/mail to: Linda Ocasio
                                                96 Minell Place
                                                Teaneck, NJ 07666

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Convention Packets will be mailed out May 13!

Thank you for your patience and support! Our 60s go-go girl is vintage artwork by Jeffrey DiGangi.

Friday, May 5, 2017